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What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a state-of-the-art imaging test that generates pictures of various body parts. It utilizes sound waves, a medical gel, a specialized device, and advanced computer technology to generate a live image of internal structures. An ultrasound can be used to identify and diagnose unexplained symptoms, such as pain, swelling, or infection of the breasts, abdomen, pelvis, and various organs. Our certified team of radiologists of Imaging at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, Colorado are highly trained and experienced in performing ultrasounds on adults and children. Call our office today to schedule your ultrasound.

Ultrasound for Children

When we perform ultrasounds on children, our radiology team takes extra precautions to ensure your child is as calm and comfortable as possible. Our compassionate registered technologists will walk your child through all the necessary steps slowly and gently so they understand what is expected of them. We will do our best to ensure your child has a great experience.

Why is it used?

An ultrasound is used to evaluate and diagnose a wide variety of ailments, abnormalities, and to track the progress and anatomy of a growing baby. It is an ideal medical tool for observing pain, swelling, and infection of different areas of the body. It is also used to examine internal organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, ovaries, uterus, and thyroid. 

How Do I prepare?

Patients will be asked to wear loose-fitting clothing to their exam and will need to remove any metal jewelry or dental appliances prior to their scan. A hospital gown will be provided, if necessary. Food and beverage intake will vary, depending on which area is being examined. For example, if your kidneys are being scanned, you may need to drink around 32oz of water and hold your bladder so we can get a better image. In other cases, you will be asked to fast for a short period of time. Specific preparation instructions will be provided by our office prior to your test so you know what to expect.

Procedure details?

Our qualified team of registered technologists will guide you through the whole exam process as the instructions will vary, depending on the specific location that is being observed. Generally, we'll have you remove any articles of clothing that may obstruct the reading on the ultrasound, then have you sit or lie comfortably as we apply the medical gel to the target area. From here, a specialized handheld device is glided along the designated site to reveal an image of your internal structures.

Benefits and risks?

An ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation, which makes it one of the safest imaging exams we offer. It is a relatively simple test that is quick and easy to perform and is generally comfortable. This exam uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images in real time.

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Our team at Imaging at Valley View works diligently to ensure all our patients have a pleasant experience and really take their time to guide patients through their exams with great care and compassion. Call Imaging at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to learn more or to schedule your ultrasound to attain the answers you deserve. We provide flexible scheduling hours and will work with you to get you in at your earliest convenience.

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