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What is men's imaging?

Men's imaging is the assessment of the prostate or scrotum via advanced imaging techniques. Our fellowship-trained radiologists of Imaging at Valley View have been assisting Glenwood Springs, Colorado patients for many years. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are able to observe and diagnose a wide variety of health concerns quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward on the road toward recovery and optimal wellness. This is why countless patients travel to our facility every year and you can rest assured that when you visit our office that you are in excellent and caring hands. 

Types of men's imaging

Imaging at Valley View offers the following scans for male patients:

  • MRI for prostate
  • We also use Axumin® for prostate imaging

Why is it used?

An imaging exam may be ordered by your doctor to analyze pain, swelling, or infertility. In some cases, we may also utilize Axumin, which is an FDA-approved diagnostic imaging agent that helps detect prostate cancer. A male-specific imaging scan will assess the health and abnormalities of the scrotum and/or prostate.

How do I prepare?

There will be different preparation instructions for each test, which will be provided by our office before you come in for your exam. We also recommend that you leave behind all metal jewelry or watches at home as metal can interfere with your MRI exam. A hospital gown will also be provided at the time of your visit.

Procedure details?

An MRI of the prostate is a noninvasive procedure that captures images of the prostate gland and does not use ionizing radiation. During the procedure, you will be properly positioned so the MRI machine can generate images of the designated area. Typically, this process takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Benefits and risks?

If contrast or Axumin is used, there is a slight chance of an allergic reaction, which may include itching, hives, or anaphylaxis. With an MRI, there is little to no risks involved since it does not use radiation.

Schedule your exam

Don't put off scheduling your exam any longer as the benefits greatly exceed the minimal risks involved. Call Imaging at Valley View in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to set your appointment today. Our team of gifted radiologists at Valley View can provide you with the care you need to put your mind at ease so you can gain a clean bill of health.

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